Permethrin Market Size, Share, Growth Opportunity, Trends, Industry Outlook, Region-Forecasts Report

The Permethrin Market research study provides a detailed survey of the vital players – this is based on the financial highlights, company outline, SWOT Analysis, Product Portfolio, as well as major strategies and the expansion plans of industry contenders. This report is also anticipated to reflect consistent growth in years to come, since consumers are now being rather aware of product quality. This market analysis of an industry is a crucial factor that numerous stakeholders such as investors, traders, CEOs, suppliers, and more, need to be aware of.

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The competitive analysis comprising numerous market players is a rather noteworthy feature of the permethrin market report, as it provides details about the direct and indirect competitors in the market. The report also provides the company profile of these market players inclusive of certain specifications, technologies, and their future development plans.

Emerging product demand in agricultural sector as an insecticide owing to increase productivity and to prevent infestation should promote industry growth. This product is predominantly utilized in agricultural industry owing to beneficial characteristics including disruption of sodium levels resulting in damaging insects’ nervous system and high toxicity should foster product demand.

Permethrin market outlook is anticipated to depict a robust transformation due to rising incidence of scabies and growing awareness among people regarding treatment of the same. Scabies is one of the pervasive dermatological conditions known for effecting substantial proportion of population with skin disease in developing countries.

Globally, scabies is estimated to affect more than 200 million people at any time, a factor that will help to augment the revenue share of permethrin. Approximately, 300 million new cases of scabies occur each year in men, women and children of all ages and races. In 2015, it was assessed that the direct impact of scabies infestation on the skin alone led to 0.21% of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) from all conditions globally.

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In India, during a case study follow up, 81% of inmates of an orphanage in rural area of Maharashtra, were found to be suffering from scabies. All the inmates were successfully treated with mass scabies treatment and health education. An epidemiological study conducted in rural community has reported the prevalence rate of scabies as 13%. The occurrence of scabies in India is common due to lack of awareness of the condition but due to the pharmaceutical usage of the product, permethrin market is expected to witness significant growth in the region.

China has played a major role in permethrin industry growth as it has the world’s largest textile sector. The rising exports and domestic demand for high quality apparels in China has efficiently added stimulus to permethrin market share. Permethrin is majorly used to eradicate insects such as silverfish, moths, and carpet beetle that causes textile degradation. In 2015, there were 4,632 enterprises reported in textile sector with assets of CNY 440.805 billion. The 2016-2020 development plan of the textile industry in China emphasizes that a large number of new technologies should be widely applied in energy conservation and consumption reduction. China permethrin market size may exceed $15 million by the end of 2025.

France permethrin market from pharmaceutical application may witness significant gains of over USD 3 million by 2025. Growing prevalence of dengue fever owing to rising migration from tropical regions for tourism and working purposes should promote product demand.

Increasing product demand in aviation sector owing to strict regulations by WHO, ICAO and IHR for eliminating cross border disease transmission should foster industry growth. This product is majorly used for disinfecting in the events of departure, arrival and disembarking which should propel permethrin market growth.

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