Lithographic Printing Chemicals Market to reach USD 17.5 billion by 2025: Say Report

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Lithographic Printing Chemicals Market will likely surpass USD 17.5 billion by 2025; according to a new research report. Lithographic printing is a cost-effective process for long run printing operations. The marginal maintenance cost associated with this technique makes it a cost-effective technology for high-volume printing. Although the technique has a high setup cost, as printed quantity increases the per unit cost of each page decreases which makes it the cheapest technology for producing commercial quantities of first-class printed items. Hence, advancements in this process would augment the growth in offset print chemicals industry.

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Another growth driver of lithographic printing chemicals market is the advancements in the Asia Pacific print industry. In 2017, the offset print industry was valued approximately USD 9.5 billion and is growing at a significant rate. Rising circulation of dailies in India and China would promote advancements in offset print chemicals industry. The major upsurge in the product demand from this region is due to rapid economic development and rising consumer base.

Competition from other printing technologies will hinder the offset print chemicals market. Digital and flexographic technologies are becoming increasingly popular for a range of applications including packaging and promotion. Advancements in digital printing technology has lowered its costs and made its more accessible to customers around the globe. These trends may have a negative effect on the product market development in the future.

The lithographic printing chemicals market is categorized based on region, application and product. Cleaning solutions, inks, fountain solutions, and others are different product categories existing in the industry. The others segment includes products like photographic chemicals, plate coatings, gumming solutions, etc. Fountain solution is a liquid solution which is used to dampen the printing plates and helps to control the emulsification of ink and water. Hence, this segment would likely portray a rising trend in its growth path in the forecast timeframe.

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