In Pics|A take a look at the 10 very most impressive firms on earth

The listing has actually been actually prepped manner a questionnaire carried out through Boston Consulting Group. The rank is actually based upon a survey making up 2,500 worldwide technology managers.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has actually discharged a listing of the 50 very most impressive firms worldwide. Of the 162 firms that have actually gotten on BCG’s leading 50 listing over recent 14 years, almost 30% looked only the moment and also 57% have actually made it 3 opportunities or even less. The rank is actually based upon a questionnaire of 2,500 worldwide technology managers. Right here our experts check out at that made it. (Image: Moneycontrol)

Rank 10|Facebook|Social network firm|Nation: United States (Image: Reuters)

Rank 9|Sony|Global empire firm|Nation: Japan (Image: Sony)

Rank 8|IBM|Computer firm|Nation: United States (Image: Reuters)

Rank 7|Alibaba|Ecommerce firm|Nation: China (Image: Reuters)

Rank 6|Huawei|Telecom tools firm|Nation: China (Image: Reuters)

Rank 5|Samsung|Global empire firm|Nation: South Korea (Image: Reuters)

Rank 4|Microsoft|Modern technology firm|Nation: United States (Image: Reuters)

Rank 3||Ecommerce firm|Nation: United States (Image: Amazon)

Rank 2|Alphabet/Google|Global empire firm|Nation: United States (Image: Wikimedia)

Rank 1|Apple|Modern technology Company|Nation: United States (Image: Reuters)

First Published on Jun 25, 2020 08: 25 pm

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