Hydration Belt Market 2020: Global Industry Analysis By Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast To 2026

Trusted Business Insights answers what are the scenarios for growth and recovery and whether there will be any lasting structural impact from the unfolding crisis for the Hydration Belt market.

Trusted Business Insights presents an updated and Latest Study on Hydration Belt Market 2019-2026. The report contains market predictions related to market size, revenue, production, CAGR, Consumption, gross margin, price, and other substantial factors. While emphasizing the key driving and restraining forces for this market, the report also offers a complete study of the future trends and developments of the market. The report further elaborates on the micro and macroeconomic aspects including the socio-political landscape that is anticipated to shape the demand of the Hydration Belt market during the forecast period (2019-2029).
It also examines the role of the leading market players involved in the industry including their corporate overview, financial summary, and SWOT analysis.

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Global Hydration Belt Market is the title of an upcoming market research report by Trusted Business Insights. Numerous critical factors, scenarios, and strategies have been analyzed and studied in depth to derive the most accurate findings. These are presented in a well-planned format. Revenue shares of each segment, region/country are also presented in a clear and factual manner. Revenue growth driving factors, restraints, as well as opportunities in untapped regions and economies are included. The company profiles of key players comprise detailed information, recent developments, strategies, acquisitions & mergers, etc. The global hydration belt market is segmented by product type, form, protective medium, capacity, distribution channel, and regions/countries.

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Global Hydration Belt Market: Overview

Hydration belts are essential sports accessories that provide space for storing a bottle/bottles of water or energy drinks and other such necessities. These are designed to ensure that the end-users can carry basic amenities to replenish their body after working out for a duration of time.

Global Hydration Belt Market: Dynamics

The increasing awareness about health and wellness globally has led to an increase in the number of individuals adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes participation in sports, working out in the gym, and fitness training at specific centers. Due to such factors, the demand for hydration belts to store energy drinks or water is steadily increasing. Intensive physical workouts lead to extreme dehydration and sometimes dizziness, thereby the need for carrying a bottle or bottles of water becomes necessary. Sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts are increasingly purchasing hydration belts to fulfill their need to rehydrate at regular intervals.

Top companies are investing in modifying features of hydration belts and are focusing on increasing the utility of these products. Manufacturers are extending usable space to enable the accommodation of other essentials including cash, keys, phones, energy bars, gels, etc. in these belts. Such developments are expected to contribute significantly to growth in the demand for hydration belts.

Apart from additional spaces, extra zippered pouches or pockets in hydration belts are an emerging trend and are expected to further boost the demand for these belts. Hydration belts with extra zippers, pouches or pockets allow consumers to ensure the safety of essential items in their belts. Manufacturers are also making sure that end-users find no difficulties while wearing these belts and are available in suitable sizes with zero defects.

Global Hydration Belt Market Segment Analysis

By Product: The without bottle segment is expected to account for the majority revenue share over the forecast period when compared to other product segments. They are available in a variety of designs at affordable prices in the market.

By Form: The hard bottle segment is projected to account for the highest revenue share over the next ten years. Manufacturers are introducing new product variants in the market that are lightweight and aid in maintaining the temperature of the fluid stored in the bottle.

By Protective Medium:  The non-insulating segment is expected to account for the highest revenue share. The availability of the non-insulating hydration belts at affordable prices and easy-to-wash features are among factors contributing to the revenue growth of this segment.

By Capacity: The single bottle capacity segment is projected to account for the majority revenue share over the coming years. This is one of the earliest and most popular variants in the market. Consumers of the variant are individuals participating in sports that last for shorter durations of time. Most of these participants prefer to carry not more than one bottle of water or drink.

By Distribution Channel: The offline segment is expected to account for the highest revenue share when compared to the other distribution channel segments. Consumers generally prefer purchasing sports accessories from offline stores or sporting goods stores due to the reliability and availability of a wide range of product choices. These stores also provide the scope for physical verification of the products.

Global Hydration Belt Market Regional Analysis:

The hydration belt market in North America is expected to account for the highest revenue share over the foreseeable future. An increasing number of individuals in the region are taking part in sporting events and are focusing on physical fitness. Individuals from both the male and female demographics are keen on working out in gyms and engaging in sports-based activities. Emerging trends such as high-intensity interval training is another factor that is expected to lead to an increase in demand for hydration belts among young consumers in the region.

The Asia Pacific market is projected to index a high Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the next 10 years. The growing popularity of sports such as rowing, cycling, kayaking, speed skating, canoeing, etc. in developing economies such as China and India are expected to provide growth opportunities for the market in this region. The adoption of hydration belts among sports enthusiasts from countries such as China, New Zealand, and Australia are growing. In addition, the development of sports infrastructures by governments in these countries is projected to encourage younger generations to participate in sporting events at a global level. Such factors are expected to support market growth in the region.

Global Hydration Belt Market Segmentation:

By Product

With Bottle
Without Bottle

By Form

Hard Bottle Hydration Belt
Soft Flask Hydration Belt

By Protective Medium


By Capacity

Single Bottle
Double Bottle
Multiple Bottle

By Distribution Channel


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