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Global Retail POS Terminals Market: Verified Value and Volume Forecasts up to 2024

Retail POS terminals market, often claimed as one of the fasting growing business spaces of recent times, is highly driven by the digital influence in the financial sector. Over the recent years, cashless mode of payment has observed a tremendous surge, a factor that has massively proliferated the demand for adequate acceptance infrastructure like POS terminals.

According to the Federal Reserve Payment Study of 2016- the number of non-cash transaction in U.S. including credit card, debit card, check payments, and ACH has crossed almost 144 billion in 2015, having a valuation of over USD 178 trillion.

Total non-cash payment transaction in the country has risen by almost 5.3% by number and 3.4% by value over 2012-2015, having held a valuation of USD 17 trillion in 2012, cite sources. The aforementioned statistics not only cite the growth potential of retail POS terminals market, but have also sourced a plethora of technology behemoths to invest in the business space.

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Another pathbreaking innovation, that has, of late, fetched much of an attention in retail POS terminals market is HP’s all-in-one POS system, ElitePOS. Reportedly, with the launch of this innovative, versatile POS solution at ‘India Retail Forum 2017’, the American multinational tech giant is planning to work with hospitality customers and leading retailers to enhance customers’ in-store experience.

For the record, ElitePOS features a sleek modular design and is capable of supporting several other applications apart from check out and payment such as employee attendance, interactive signage, and several other self-service applications. Overall retail POS terminals market place is all inclusive of similar breakthroughs, which is likely to bring major disruption in the business space over the ensuing years.

Top Key Player Are:

  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Epicor Software Corporation
  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Ingenico Group
  • Micros Systems Inc.
  • NCR Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • PAX Technology Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • VeriFone Systems Inc.

The latest trends of retail POS terminals market are extensively tech-driven, given the mammoth proliferation of IoT in retail space. Retail management systems, nowadays have been increasingly deployed for web applications. However, in order to bring a consequential transformation in the retail business with regards to efficiency and performance, it is imperative to explore newer technologies. Cloud-based computing observes a huge potential in this regard.

Subject to the cost competitiveness and reduced manpower requirement, high accuracy, and in-depth insight, cloud-based POS systems are witnessing a heavy demand in the retail space, which by extension is making noteworthy contribution in retail POS terminals industry share.

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List of Charts & Figures from Retail POS Terminals Market Report:

FIG 1    Industry segmentation

FIG 2    Retail POS terminals system market, 2016 – 2026 (Revenue & Shipments)

FIG 3    Industry ecosystem analysis

FIG 4    Growth potential analysis

FIG 5    Porter’s analysis

FIG 6    PESTEL analysis

FIG 7    Competitive analysis of top market players, 2019

FIG 8    Competitive analysis of other prominent market players, 2019

FIG 9    SWOT Analysis, AURES Technologies SA

FIG 10    SWOT Analysis, BBPOS Limited

FIG 11    SWOT Analysis, Cisco Systems Inc.

FIG 12    SWOT Analysis, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

FIG 13    SWOT Analysis, Ingenico Group

FIG 14    SWOT Analysis, Micros Systems, Inc.

FIG 15    SWOT Analysis, NCR Corporation

FIG 16    SWOT Analysis, NEC Corporation

FIG 17    SWOT Analysis, New POS Technology Limited

FIG 18    SWOT Analysis, Newland Payment Technology

FIG 19    SWOT Analysis, Panasonic Corporation

FIG 20    SWOT Analysis, Pax Technology Inc.

FIG 21    SWOT Analysis, Posiflex Technology, Inc.

FIG 22    SWOT Analysis, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

FIG 23    SWOT Analysis, Squirrel Systems

FIG 24    SWOT Analysis, Toshiba Corporation

FIG 25    SWOT Analysis, Touch Dynamic

FIG 26    SWOT Analysis, VeriFone Holdings, Inc.

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