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Global Humanoid Robot Market: High-growth Regions to Expand Geographic Footprint 2020-2024

The rising demand for automation has set the pace for the growth of humanoid robot market in recent times. Pertaining to the extensive requirement of computerized machines for a variety of end-use sectors, humanoid robots are being developed on a large scale to perform tasks that may perhaps be nearly impossible for humans to perform even under ordinary circumstances.

Manufacturing companies have been deploying robotic arms for decades, however, in recent times, tech advancements have enabled preprogrammed robots to depict more than mere hand movements, giving rise to the widespread evolution of humanoid robot market.

Humanoid robots not only resemble the human body in structure and appearance, but they are also designed to carry out human tasks with futuristic precision combined with human intelligence, which has indeed been the driving force for humanoid robot market growth.

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It is imperative to mention that robotic process automation has been around for decades, but these robots mainly dominated the factory floor and did not remotely resemble the intricacies of human maneuver, that has now been fulfilled with the introduction of humanoid robots. Renowned tech firms, it is observed, have also been working in the direction of efficient bot manufacturing for numerous tasks, which would eventually drive humanoid robot market trends.

A renowned start-up, Moley Robotics for instance, has created an automated robot chef that has just two arms but can cook any recipe to perfection. The cooking automaton can apparently learn and cook a recipe to the letter and even follow instructions given by chefs. Leading companies such as Samsung and Foxconn have also been replacing employees with robots for improved performance, which would undeniably have an impact on humanoid robot market.

Top Key Player Are:

  • DST Robot
  • Engineered Arts
  • Hajime Research Institute
  • Hanson Robotics
  • Honda
  • Kawada
  • Qihan Technology
  • Robotis
  • Softbank Robotics
  • Toshiba
  • Trossen Robotics
  • Ubtech Robotics Inc.
  • Willow Garage

Asia Pacific is forecast to be one of the leading avenues for the growth of humanoid robot market Many Chinese manufacturing companies are replacing humans with robots for processes involving repetitive movements. Multilingual androids, for example, are being used to greet customers in the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, while at the Hen-na hotel in Nagasaki, robots are used to check in guests.

A humanoid robot called Ri-Man has been developed in Japan to help the elderly as well – Ri-Man apparently can lift the disabled people out of wheelchairs and into beds and help in household work. China and Japan thus, have emerged as the leaders when it comes to deploying humanoids to help the elderly population, thus stimulating APAC humanoid robot market outlook.

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List of Charts & Figures from Humanoid Robot Market Report:

FIG 1    Industry segmentation

FIG 2    Global humanoid robot market, 2015 – 2024 (USD Million)

FIG 3    Global humanoid robot market, 2015 – 2024 (Units)

FIG 4    Industry ecosystem analysis

FIG 5    Growth potential analysis

FIG 6    Porter’s analysis

FIG 7    PESTEL analysis

FIG 8    Competitive landscape, 2016

FIG 9    Global humanoid robot market share by product, 2016 & 2024

FIG 10    Global humanoid robot market share by application, 2016 & 2024

FIG 11    Global humanoid robot market share by region, 2016 & 2024

FIG 12    SWOT Analysis, Bluefrog Robotics

FIG 13    SWOT Analysis, DST Robot

FIG 14    SWOT Analysis, Engineered Arts

FIG 15    SWOT Analysis, Hajime Research Institute

FIG 16    SWOT Analysis, Hanson Robotics

FIG 17    SWOT Analysis, Honda

FIG 18    SWOT Analysis, Kawada Robotics

FIG 19    SWOT Analysis, Qihan Technology

FIG 20    SWOT Analysis, Robotis

FIG 21    SWOT Analysis, Softbank Robotics

FIG 22    SWOT Analysis, Toshiba

FIG 23    SWOT Analysis, Trossen Robotics

FIG 24    SWOT Analysis, Ubtech Robotics

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