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Global Electronic Security Market: Top Challenges to Face in 2020-2024

The overwhelming expansion of the electronic security market across the globe has been unprecedented. The indispensability of deploying electronic security systems in commercial and residential areas has become increasingly pronounced in the recent past owing to the increased number of terror incidents, break-ins, property thefts, mishaps in public transportation setups, smuggling of contraband, growing social unrest, and industrial disasters among others.

The electronic security market stands to reap substantial benefits in the upcoming times as the advancement in technology, expanding geographical reach, emergence of new business models, earnest government interventions, smart city phenomenon, and accelerated growth of real estate sector among other driving factors, will accentuate the market-specific consumption and will, in turn, steer the electronic security market to achieve greater heights of revenue growth.

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The increasing complexity and sophistication of security threats to public, private and governmental spaces have forced the electronic security providers to come up with innovative, viable and sustainable solutions. For instance, new electronic security industry players like Zicom are making a bold effort to become industry leaders by launching excellent products that minimize the input and maintenance costs of the security infrastructure deployed to secure financial assets of its customers.

The growing governmental legislations across the world shall gradually make the safety and security solutions mandatory across all sectors. For instance, a few states in India have made it a compulsion for all the private establishments to install CCTV surveillance on their premises.

These initiatives with regards to securing the infrastructure by both the private and competitive entities are overt to enhance the profitability quotient of electronic security industry. According to Global Market Insight Inc., the global electronic security market size was estimated to be approximately $27 billion in 2016.

Top Key Player Are:

  • Developer & Manufacturer Profiles
  • ASSA ABLOY Group
  • Auto Clear LLC
  • Axis Communications
  • BOSCH Security Systems
  • Brivo Systems LLC.
  • Fisher Research Laboratory
  • FLIR Systems Inc.
  • Frontier Pitts Ltd.
  • Future Fibre Technologies
  • G4S PLC
  • Hitachi Ltd
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Johnson Controls International Plc.
  • L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems
  • MilliVision Technologies
  • Napco Security Technologies Inc.
  • OSI Systems Inc.

According to a few trusted reports, the total cost of reported stolen property in the U.S. constituted to $12.42 billion in 2016. The two decades of 1995-2015 witnessed close to 2,500 incidents of theft of radioactive materials and trafficking, according to a report by The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The electronic security market has been gearing up to tackle the growing concerns of security and safety across all domains. The upcoming electronic security firms seem to be aware of the need to become proactive rather than being reactive to the perceived threats and probable incidents leading to loss of human life and weakening of financial assets.

A prominent example that can be noted here is of e-surveillance technology. The cost of maintaining an ATM e-surveillance for a bank in India amounts to Rs. 40,000. Reportedly, the e-surveillance technology used by Zicom reduced the bank’s safety and security cost by 90%.

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List of Charts & Figures from Electronic Security Market Report:

FIG. 1    Industry segmentation

FIG. 2    Global electronic security market, 2013 – 2024 (USD Million)

FIG. 3    Industry ecosystem analysis

FIG. 4    Property Crimes, U.S, 2015

FIG. 5    Growth potential analysis

FIG. 6    Porter’s analysis

FIG. 7    PESTEL analysis

FIG. 8    Electronic security market share, by technology, 2016 & 2024

FIG. 9    Electronic security market share by region, 2016 & 2024

FIG. 10    SWOT Analysis, ADT LLC

FIG. 11    SWOT Analysis, ASSA ABLOY Group

FIG. 12    SWOT Analysis, Auto Clear LLC

FIG. 13    SWOT Analysis, Axis Communications

FIG. 14    SWOT Analysis, BOSCH Security Systems

FIG. 15    SWOT Analysis, Brivo Systems LLC.

FIG. 16    SWOT Analysis, Fisher Research Laboratory

FIG. 17    SWOT Analysis, FLIR Systems

FIG. 18    SWOT Analysis, Frontier Pitts, Ltd.

FIG. 19    SWOT Analysis, Future Fibre Technologies

FIG. 20    SWOT Analysis, G4S PLC

FIG. 21    SWOT Analysis, Hitachi, Ltd

FIG. 22    SWOT Analysis, Honeywell International Inc.

FIG. 23    Johnson Controls International Plc., segment revenue, 2016

FIG. 24    SWOT Analysis, Johnson Controls International Plc.

FIG. 25    SWOT Analysis, L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems

FIG. 26    SWOT Analysis, MilliVision Technologies

FIG. 27    SWOT Analysis, NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.

FIG. 28    SWOT Analysis, OSI Systems, Inc.

FIG. 29    SWOT Analysis, OT-Morpho

FIG. 30    SWOT Analysis, RedXDefense LLC

FIG. 31    SWOT Analysis, Scanna MSC Ltd.

FIG. 32    SWOT Analysis, Siemens AG

FIG. 33    SWOT Analysis, Schneider Electric

FIG. 34    SWOT Analysis, SDMS Security Products UK, Ltd.

FIG. 35    SWOT Analysis, Smiths Detection LLC

FIG. 36    SWOT Analysis, Thales Group

FIG. 37    SWOT Analysis, Vanderbilt Industries LLC

FIG. 38    SWOT Analysis, Victoria Alarm Services Ltd.

FIG. 39    SWOT Analysis, Westminster Group PLC

FIG. 40    SWOT Analysis, Zod Security

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